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              As you grow older you start to feel the physical and mental effects of aging, and then come the quest for knowledge on how to be healthier, look younger, and if possible live longer. There are many ways that a person can possibly do, but this e-book summarizes only the top 101 ways to attain these goals. These are ranked based on seven criteria: 1. level of importance, 2. practicability, 3. overall supporting science, 4. affordability, 5. simplicity, 6. universality, and 7. author's personal preference. Presented in a manner by which 001 is considered to have the highest impact on health and survival, each item is supported with the prevailing and current science available while at the same time mentioning some of the relevant state-of-the-art technology available today.

              Although several points are tailored for the general Filipino public, the majority of information presented in this e-book involves issues of universal significance with results from studies around the world as basis. Several references cited will lead you to the scientific materials that can help you learn more and deepen your understanding of the science behind every advice offered in this e-book. The tables and illustrations facilitate easy understanding of the information even at a quick glance.

              However health principles may change overtime, but our health and lifestyle calls for contemporary knowledge to live a healthier life today. Some of the ways cited here may not be applicable to some, or simply hard to follow. However, many choices in this handbook are clear, and they are yours to make.

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