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WHYLLness 101


Ways to a Healthier, Younger & Longer Life


Loreto B. Feril, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Several artworks courtesy of  Dr. Tomonobu Tani 


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Start here  Introduction

001Eat fish 3x a week    �Why Japanese people live longer than others?

002Don't smoke      Does smoking affects the gene?

003Eat your breakfast     When is best to eat your breakfast?

004Exercise 30 min 3x a week    What kind of exercises do you need?

005Avoid direct exposure to sunlight  How harmful is sunlight to you?

006.  Avoid alcohol   When can alcohol be deadly?

007.  Breath correctly   How to breathe properly?

008.  Maintain a healthy body weight  Does nice body shape makes you live longer?

009.  Eat banana everyday   What makes banana an excellent food?

010.  Sleep 8 hrs a day  Is more sleep bad for your health?

�011 to 020

011.  Have water over cola   Is too much water bad for your health?

012Stay active in all aspects of your life  Is being socially active good for you?

013Eat  fruits & vegetables   Is it okay to have only vegetables in your diet?

014Move every 30 min   How can immobility leads you to die early?

015Eat dinner 2 hrs before bed   Is taking some fluids before bed good?

016Avoid salty foods   What are the salty foods you should avoid?

017Have tomato & blueberry in your diet   What's the best way to prepare tomatoes?

018Know your family history   What is a "cord blood"?

019Brush & floss your teeth   Do you need to brush your gums too?

020Do some house chores   What house chores could burn my body fats more effectively?

�021 to 030

021.  Avoid bad fats   What are the bad fats that you should avoid?

022.  Use olive oil & eat nuts   How much nuts per day is ideal for health?

023.  Take a bath or wash your face before bed   What is the best way to wash your face?

024.  Get immunized   What kind of immunizations are available for you today?

025.  Watch funny shows over sad ones   Is too much laughing bad for your health?

026.  Find time to relax   How to relax?

027.  Use that new mobile phone   Are mobile phones bad for health?

028.  Sleep early & wake up early   What can be done to be able to sleep early?

029.  Avoid UV treatments   What are the bad effects of UV?

030.  Wash hands properly   How to wash hands properly?

�031 to 040

031.  Take the stairs   What are the health benefits of taking the stairs?

032.  Have more ABC & E in your diet   What foods are rich in vitamins A, B, C & E?

033.  Have tea (or cocoa) over coffee   What's wrong with coffee? Is chocolate okay?

034.  Drink fresh juices   How about canned or bottled juices?

035.  Keep learning   How can learning affects my health?

036.  Find time to play   Are all forms of intertainment good for health?

037.  Move bowel daily   How to regulate bowel movement?

038Massage face daily   For how long face should be massaged?

039.  Eat yogurt everyday   Do all yogurts work the same way?

040.  Have sex more   How to benefit from sex even when without a partner?

�041 to 050

041.  Have a balance exercise   How to do a balanced exercise?

042.  Eat brown rice & sweet potato   Is sweet potato better than potato?

043.  Hot bath for 30 min 3x a week   How hot a "hot bath" should be?

044.  Use honey instead of refined sugar   Are there alternatives to honey?

045.  Be kind   How could kindnesses to others be beneficial?

046.  Sleep regularly   How to regulate sleep?

047.  Maintain good oral hygiene   Other than tooth-brushing, what else can be done?

048.  Massage scalp but don't scratch   Is blowering with warm air bad for the scalp and hair?

049.  Know the emergency numbers   Should small kids need to know the emergency numbers?

050.  Avoid red meat   Is there a "less bad" red meat?

�051 to 060

051.  Avoid prohibited drugs   Is there a safer "prohibited drug"?

052.  Avoid being angry   How to manage anger?

053.  Learn to be happy always   Is too much happiness bad?

054.  Avoid shops that allow smoking   Is "smoking" shop safe when no one is smoking?

055.  Don't get overheated   How to prevent death from overheating?

056.  Avoid touching your face   How to touch face with lesser risk of harm?

057.  Fasten your seatbelts   Are seatbelts for adults also safe to use for kids?

058.  Have a pet   What pets are good for the family?

059.  Avoid phone when driving   Are there ways to avoid risk from "phoning while driving"?

060.  Eat soy bean products   What are the soybean products available in the market?

�061 to 070

061.  Have a healthy relationship   Is keeping a "difficult" relationship also healthy?

062.  Go on a nature trip every month   How to have a safer nature trip?

063.  Be into sports   What are the sports-related health risks?

064.  Have red wine over hard liquor   How much red wine is best for health?

065.  Learn your health issues   How to be a pro-active patient?

066.  Wear the right sunglasses   Can bad sunglasses do more harm than not wearing them at all?

067.  Use sunscreen   How much sunscreen and how frequent should this be applied on?

068.  Learn from your bad experiences   Is bad experience always bad?

069.  Eat some seaweed   What are the seaweed products known to have health benefits?

070.  Have an appropriate hairstyle   How hair styles affect one's health?

�071 to 080

071.  Keep your computer screen low   How to prevent dry eyes?

072Eat your antioxidants   What are antioxidants?

073Avoid unnecessary X-rays   How to avoid unnecessary X-ray exposures?

074Think positive most of the time   Is being "positive all the time" bad?

075Avoid risk   How can one avoid risk?

076Listen to classical & mild music   Is listening to modern music bad for health?

077Grow some plants   Is it okay to have plants inside the bedroom?

078Have enough vitamin D & calcium   What foods are rich in vitamin D and Calcium?

079Practice safe sex   How to have a safer sex?

080Use your helmet   Will any type of helmet protect from harm?

�081 to 090

081.  Know the infectious diseases   How to know these infectious diseases?

082Take a safer form of transportation   What are the safer forms of transportation?

083Use curtains that block UV   Is it not that all curtains do block UV?

084Take a safer seat   Which car seat is considered safer?

085Have your regular checkup   How often is a regular checkup?

086Have friends who care to be healthy   How to know that a person cares to be healthy?

087Know your odds for heart attack   How should one know his odds for a heart attack?

088Wear comfortably & tidy   How to wear comfortably?

089Use appropriate masks   Do all masks work the same way?

090Wear protective gears when needed   What are the protective gears that one can wear?

�091 to 101

091.  Buy foot wears in the evening   Does foot size really change?

092Know the weather forecast   Where to get a reliable weather forecast?

093Have your breast exam & pap smear regularly   How to do a self-breast exam?

094Use drugs & chemicals properly   Is death due to improper use of drugs common?

095Avoid insect bites   How to avoid insect bites?

096Watch for heavy metals   What are these heavy metals?

097Prefer organic foods   Is there such thing as "organic meat"?

098Save for health   How to save for health?

099Be fashionable   How to be fashionable at a lesser cost?

100Install safety devices   What are these safety and health devices?

101Use jewelries appropriately   When can use of jewelries be inappropriate?



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